Rainy days and lavender shortbread

And so in Yorkshire as you are never far off a bit of rain, there is always time for baking.Thanks to a conversation with a friend about the ridiculousness of eating flowers; thought I would start this blog off with a truly simple recipe for lavender shortbread. Off for a walk this afternoon and cake doesn’t travel very well so biscuits it is.

Shortbread is one of the easiest things to make, only three ingredients and nothing needs to sit or rise, so no panicking!

The trickiest bit is getting hold of the lavender, luckily I had a bunch from my Aunt’s garden:

Lavender Shortbread:

Cream 125g of softened unsalted butter and 50g caster sugar until light and fluffy – there is much debate over the caster sugar/demarera, I chose caster as lighter flavour wise and didn’t want to mess with the lavender – simple is better.

Sift in 180g plain flour and fold in at first and then use your fingers so that the mixture crumbs and then begins to form a soft dough.

Grind together 2tbsp sugar and 1tsp lavender flowers in a pestle and mortar (or use a chopping board and glass jar…) and add to the dough.

Roll (1cm) , cut and bake at 150ºC for 15-20mins or until pale gold.

Cool and dust with icing sugar.

One thought on “Rainy days and lavender shortbread

  1. Nasturtium nachos and Rose ‘n’ Ricotta Rollade next please! Looking foward to the next installment – these look yummy 🙂

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