Coming back with Sole (or Plaice)

Some of us manage to make New Year resolutions and stick to them, normally I’m not very good at that but this year I have got all my work in on time (so far) and joined a Flamenco dance class (highly recommended), all that’s left are those driving lessons which I have now put off for a disgracefully long time. I can’t seem to get around to them


One thing I always seem to have time for is cooking (and eating).

Now, I know I said I’d be back in September full of good intentions and even better food, but apparently a MA is harder than it looks on paper (lots and lot of paper) and though I have been eating great food, I have not been writing about it. But now with super organised new weekly timetable (lame I know) I plan to have time for everything.

And I have a new toy, a Kenwood Chef Titanium, a bit formal, so I call him Kenny, and although our flat is small, he has pride of place in the kitchen. So really I no longer make cakes and pastry, Kenny does.


Ok, so Kenny is photographed a little like a car or a piece of mining equipment, but he is much friendlier in real life…

We’ve got two new cookbooks: The Silver Spoon, which I got for Christmas, a mere 1500 pages of Italian time tested magic, and Economy Gastronomy from the local library which has spurred us into stock boiling, bread making and fish preserving.

As I type, there is fresh homemade bread on the counter, gravlax salmon sandwiched in the fridge (photos to follow when we unwrap it on Monday) and stock pots waiting to bring boring beans back to life.

Today, being gloriously sunny, we cycled to the fishmonger and bought some salmon (to gravlax), some mussels (I have a friend coming for lunch tomorrow) and some plaice. Luckily they didn’t have any sole in, as it is twice the price but also tastier…

It’s really important to get your fish from a sustainable source so check out the Good Fish Guide at for a chart of fish you should and shouldn’t buy, there’s even an iPhone app 🙂 – I have a friend who really cares about fish welfare.

So back to lunch, sole with thyme (or sogliole al timo as the Italians would have it), was a super easy recipe from The Silver Spoon (p.772), no frills, just steamed sole, well in our case, plaice, with a squeeze of lemon, and a drizzle of olive oil mixed with 1 tsp of thyme, salt and pepper. Perfect with steamed potatoes and fresh greens. Not a typical meal for February but none the less tasty.


This coming week I’m making some macarons to take with me to a family get together, so fingers crossed my uneven oven doesn’t let me down…

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