Vietnamese ‘Spring’ (?) rolls

So despite our recent bouts of horrid weather, with the heating on and Radio 2’s attempt to get us in the spring mood, we decided to make some Vietnamese not so Spring time spring rolls.ImageThis weeks’ post is a bit more interactive, a sort of step by step guide to Vietnamese spring rolls. Now I appreciate spring hasn’t really sprung so much this year, more crept in and decided it didn’t like the weather and will try and come back in April. But none the less we whipped up these fresh little delights.

Pickling is a great way to use up slightly sadder looking vegetables, or if you have way too much of something lying around. We had sever bags of peppers and a few too many carrots in the fridge so decided to quickly mix together a small bowl of Japanese rice vinegar, some lime juice, a little sugar and some chili and stirred in some finely sliced carrot, peppers and some Chinese cabbage.

We left these to pickle while we made tea, and came back to them a half hour later.

  1. Fill a baking tray with hot water, and slide a rice sheet in to soak – ours are from the local Chinese supermarket but I’ve seen them in the bigger supermarket chains, this will take around 20 seconds depending on how hot the water isImage
  2. Remove from the water and shake of the excess, lie flat on a board and fill with about a tbsp. of drained pickled vegetables in the middle towards the side of the sheet nearest youImage
  3. Fold in the sides one at a time, and then roll up and away from youImage
  4. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes before servingImage

We had ours with a dipping sauce made with fish sauce, lime juice, coriander, chili and sugar – a bit of a Thai influence but we can put that down to the excuse of fusion food!

Getting excited for the Easter holidays, officially starting on Thursday when I go and pick my big sister up from the station – I can already see a food fun week ahead for us! 

p.s. Sorry for the bad lighting! This is what comes of getting a bit too busy and trying to do the photos for the blog in the evening rather during the gloriously sunny days… 

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