Bakewell Tart

I had some pastry left over in the freezer the other day as I normally make too much and freeze what is left over for times when I can’t really be bothered to make any! I was originally going to make a quiche, but this weather is so glum and miserable it didn’t really feel like time for summer food, so I decided a Bakewell tart would be far more comforting. I have also been watching reruns of ‘Scrapheap Challenge’ and one of the more successful teams is called the ‘Bakewell Puddings’ so I’m sure the television was telling me to make one… This recipe comes for Neil’s mum who uses Antony Worrall Thompson’s recipe, modified to fit a 9” tin. Using ground rice instead of normal flour makes it nice and light. I used a half ground rice and half potato flour for this one:

Bakewell2Roll your short crust butter pastry out and line a fluted 9” tin, prick the base and refrigerate for half an hour. Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Melt 140g butter and add 140g caster sugar and cook for a minute. In a bowl weigh out 35g ground almonds, 60g ground rice and 60g potato flour.  Stir these together, make a well in the middle and pour in your butter and sugar mixture, then beat in an egg and ½ tsp almond extract.

Cover the base of your pastry case with raspberry jam (about 3tbsp) and pour in your filling, if you have any pastry left over you can arrange these in a lattice on top or sprinkle with flaked almonds (or both!).

Bake for 25mins.

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