Crying Tiger – Thai grilled beef


I’ve just started a new job! So I’ve been sorting out how to manage my time and plan quicker meals now and then.

Now, as it was my birthday recently, I was given a beautiful Emma Bridgewater cake stand which I have already put to good use (or bad if your my waistline…) but I’m still waiting for a good photo op for a post that really does it justice, so more on that later.

This recipe is definitely quick and easy but oh so delicious. As with most steak recipes, you will spend more time on the preparation than the actual cooking. It comes from our bible of Thai food – David Thompson’s Thai Food. It consists of simple soy marinated grilled beef and a chili sauce called ‘Crying Tiger’.

Seua Hay Rong – Grilled beef with Chili sauce

Marinate your beef steak in 3-4tbsp light soy sauce and set aside.

Make the chili sauce by combining: 3tbsp lime juice, 2 tbsp fish sauce, a pinch of white sugar, a (very) large pinch of chili powder, 1 finely sliced red shallot and a tbsp of coriander.

Cook your steak how you like it, we grilled ours until medium-rare, and then leave to rest for 2mins. Serve with sticky rice and chili sauce.

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