First steps into Sugar Craft: the terror of fondant

A couple of weeks ago my cousin asked me to make her wedding cake – now this is a huge deal, a cake, to feed 100 or so people, that needs to get from Manchester to Kent and be decorated to look like an allotment, AND be impressive enough to not only make my cousin and her fiancé happy, but also to impress my aunt who my cousin calmly told me – used to examine the City and Guild Sugar Craft exams. No. Pressure.


I’ve never really tried decorating cakes before, nothing beyond smoothing some icing over the top of a cake, or wrapping a battenberg with marzipan (recipe to follow)… Still I’ve got six months to learn – I’m not particularly phased about the cake part – I’m good at cakes (plus Neil gave me a 12″ square 4″ deep adjustable cake pan for my birthday, so we have capacity covered).

But icing, is a whole new adventure.

I started with the basics last week – a YouTube tutorial on flowers, a quick trip to Lakeland for some white fondant modelling paste and a few modelling tools and off I went.

It’s not all that hard! Yes it needs patience and lots of deep breathing but that’s what flour and faff is all about, spending a little longer to make something better.

And here is the result of my first ever foray into the world of cake decoration. Next stop: cabbages and some sunflowers climbing a garden shed…

(I had to make some quick chocolate fairy cakes so I had a good background to show off the flowers!)

Flowers 1 edit

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