Adjusting a mannequin 

For my 25th birthday my parents gave me a dress making mannequin – she really needs a name. I have the ajustoform mannequin with white cloth cover and pale wood stand. She’s beautiful.

These mannequins come in two different sizes – and I was falling at the large side of the small one, so having adjusted her to my form, she looks a little odd as she’s full of gaps where I’ve widened her! Not an issue at all, but doesn’t looks as neat as the ones in the books!!

I’ve tried adjusting her to my size as best I can, but I have a suspicion it’s going to be a bit of a trial and error process to get her perfect.

I’ve had to put a bra on her as she has tiny boobies, and covered her with a loose muslin. The real test will be a form hugging dress such as the Elisalex which I have planned for a few weeks time!


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