Pretty Flamingo – Elisalex dress

 What grey grey weather! I had a very busy weekend this week finishing off my draft submission for my marketing diploma work – happy to say all submitted before the deadline on Monday.

In order to try and make my weekend a little more fun I made a flamingo Elisalex dress in the evening – the pattern is from By Hand London, and the flamingo fabric is actually curtain fabric from Abakhan in Manchester.
– Sofia, our neighbourhood cat likes to come and say hello every time we’re in the front garden!

I made the bodice lining first, and a good thing too as I had cut my pattern pieces too large (a fault I often make). I like to make the lining as a sort of tulle – I am far too lazy to make an actual tulle that I spend hours sewing but can’t actually wear! So this way I get practice and any little mistakes don’t show.

I made the dress in the evenings from Friday-Sunday and I’m pretty happy with result. I originally bought a cream zip from Jaycotts for the back, but it was too creamy for the fabric, but luckily I had a big red zip in my stash and I think it works really well.

I’m going to have another go at a sleeveless Elisalex in teal silk to wear to my cousins wedding – so it was really good to practice on some cheaper fabric!

Excuse the rumpled pictures! I wore the dress to work today and wanted to gets some photos in the last of the light! What are you working on?


3 thoughts on “Pretty Flamingo – Elisalex dress

  1. Wow Toria, that looks so good. I am so impressed you made that. Good luck with making your wedding dress it sounds really exciting but also slightly terrifying! Xx

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