Fabric for wedding dresses – where to start?

No pressure: I’m trying to choose the fabric to use to make my wedding dress…

I’m telling myself we’re only having a small family wedding in my parents’ garden – so it doesn’t really matter if my dress isn’t perfect… But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try my best!

I’ve ordered some samples of ivory handwoven (which has the thicker more uneaten texture), ivory ‘power woven’ (smoother dupion) and a natural smooth silk. I think I’m going to go with the ivory handwoven as I love the texture – sorry if the pictures don’t show it off well!!

I’m going to take the whole process very slowly as I’m not exactly used to either dealing whith expensive fabrics or finishing my sewing projects to the highest levels – I know there are different camps out there, and sadly I fall firmly into the – well if you can’t see the seam why does it have to be neat camp!?

But my wedding dress – that’s a whole different story – this beauty (I hope) is going to be perfect(ish) inside and out!

I sent off for some fabric samples this week – I’m thinking of going along the silk dupion route (my mum calls it raw silk, and I’m not sure if there’s a difference?).  I like the ivory – not white white, but not too yellow, and use some French Guipure lace to cover the bodice and add sleeves with an invisible zip running down the back.

The colour silk is for me to make a full version of the dress before for practice, in the same fabric but in a different colour – then I get practice and something to wear to my cousin’s wedding in February! I ordered a few different samples but I think I’m going to the teal (in the middle).


What d'ya think?

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