Brixton village and beef noodle soup


This weekend I visited some friends who’ve recently moved to London, it was a lovely weekend of catching up and most importantly lots of food!

I don’t visit London that much these days – mostly our weekends are spent visiting family or exploring the surrounding area on our bikes but sometimes it’s nice to spend time in the big(ger) city – let’s not forget about Manchester 😉

We were staying near Brixton, so as the weather wasn’t much fun for doing a prolonged outdoor activity we decided to have a look around Brixton markets. We looked around the food stalls and found some great looking discount fabric shops – though as there were four of us I didn’t want to drag them round looking at the fabric!!


We ended up in the Brixton Village –  (and a good thing too as it was pouring with rain by this point and there was a bitter wind so it was good to be inside!). The market was lovely, though the juxtaposition of the original fruit and veg shops next to hipster cafes for all your avacado and gluten free toast needs was a little strange. Made me think about the original residents being priced out of their own neighbourhood and the increasing gentrification of London districts.




But as a product of this gentrification there were some lovely little cafes as well as a Peruvian butcher, Latvian fishmonger and Colombian breakfast shop amongst many others!! We stopped off at Mama Lan for lunch, which describes itself as Beijing street food. We ordered some beef noodle soup, a chilli tofu and mushroom noodle soup, and some prawn and pork dumplings.


The wait wasn’t too long and the veg broth was very tasty, and the garnishes were nice – I tried some of the beef noodle soup and thought the broth was a bit too strong, and sadly our dumplings didn’t come with any dipping sauce. It was a pleasant meal and certainly did the all important job of warming us up after a chilly morning exploring the area, but in my mind there is still no better noodle soup than phô!



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