Bits and bobbins – sorting out the sewing supplies

I’ve recently been increasingly annoyed at my mess of sewing supplies! They’ve just been piling on top of my sewing basket, but every time I try and get something out, everything else just falls out and you end up with bobbins running away down the corridor.

I’ve seen pegboards on Crafty Pinterest boards and decided it was time to make my own – all you need is:

  • A peg board
  • Dowels to fit the board (you can get both of these from a DIY shop or online)
  • A glue gun (optional)

All I did was decide where I want everything and popped the dowels in – unfortunately my dowels are that *little* bit too small *sigh*. So I decided to glue gun them in place – this actually worked out rather well as I made sure the dowels all dried pointing up more, meaning everything stays in place! Awesome!
How do you guys organise your sewing supplies? 


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