Roll with it – rye rolls with garlic butter

Omnomnom – so I’ve had a pretty wholesome day today. After a failed attempt to teach myself to crochet I decided to do something that might have better results 🙂

Was anyone else watching the Hairy Bikers’ tour of the Balkans – Northern Exposure it was called? I thought it was fab – I always love the Hairy Bikers, they’re so happy and ‘real’ if you know what I mean? I love that everyone they meet can’t help but love them too even if there is normally a language barrier involved!

One of the things they mad on the programme was Pampushki (Baltic Buns) – they made them to eat with borscht, but I’m having these with sausage casserole.

I found the recipe on the BBC Food website.

I was initially a bit worried about them rising properly as the flat’s about as warm as an igloo…

But I’m pretty happy with the results, and had a nice afternoon knitting while they were proving, and I think they’ll be great dunked in the sauce from the casserole.


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