Strudel and sparkles


I’ve got an exam tomorrow *eek* so in preparation I was very good and spent lots of the weekend revising 😊

But there’s a limit of how many marketing frameworks, plans and strategies you really want to see in one day!! So on Sunday one of my friends from Leeds came over and had a lovely day.


We reviewed the wedding invite drafts – you guys will get to see them after I’ve sent them out (can’t have the surprise ruined for everyone – though they are pretty cool if I do say so myself!).

We had a look through my sewing stash as my friend is getting a sewing machine for Christmas so I gave her a break down of the essentials – another one converts to the handmade wardrobe!!


In the evening we went to Abakhan sewing shop in the Northern Quarter so my friend could pick up some essentials and some lovely floral fabric to make her first top! A Colette Sorbetto with contrasting binding 😄.  We then had a wander around the lovely Christmas markets and a healthy portion of apple strudle and custard.

The market was quite busy as it was Sunday evening (and the first day of advent which makes Christmas carols acceptable!) but we had a nice time wandering around and taking in the atmosphere.  Every year the markets seem to get bigger spreading from Albert Square to St Anne’s with lots of lovely grottos and mulled wine sellers en route.

Hopefully going to make a start on my dress for my cousin’s wedding next week once I get this exam behind me and then the real Christmas fun can start!


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