Eeny meeny miny Moneta

This was my first step into jersey – I was a little nervous. I’d read about stretch needles, ball points, stretch stitches, sergers and more; but I was/am determined to crack jersey! It works out a bit cheaper than other fabrics due to its width 150cm over the usual 110cm, it’s super soft, and it (seems) really easy to fit!

I’ve got a stretch stitch on my machine, I bought some cream and white jersey fabric off the lovely people at my fabrics, the Colette Moneta pattern in pdf and off I went. *I’m going to come out and say I didn’t buy any ball point needles… I just went for it – I didn’t come across any snagging or pulling, but I can see how some pulling could happen, and have since bought some ball point needles for my next projects…

(I’m pulling it out so it looks less wrinkly as I was fighting the setting sun to get a photo in natural light – not an easy thing to achieve this time of year at the top of the northern hemisphere!)

I way over ordered fabric, so you’ll probably be seeing it again at some point. I really liked the cream and white stripe Colette used in the promo picture so I decided to play it safe for my first project! (I’m a sucker for navy and white stripe so I think I’ll go for something like that next!)

I actually found the whole dress really quite easy to make! The jersey behaved itself and I didn’t make any adjustments size wise. The one booboo I did make was seeing one of the patterns sleeve wrong side out, but since it’s really quite tricky to tell which way *is* the right side I’m going to forgive myself on my first attempt!

I’ve seen loads of Monetas out there so this is another into the mix! Take a look and let me know what you think?


What d'ya think?

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