Flowers are happy things: Yes, I made a wedding cake!


So, last weekend was a bit of a craft fest! It was my cousin’s wedding, I wore a me-made dress (see Elisalex blog post) AND I made her wedding cake!

Last July, while having breakfast in a Norfolk B&B, my cousin asked me to make her wedding cake! WOW. Of course I said yes, but then I began to panic – I’d never made a HUGE cake before, never decorated one with anything other than a sprinkle of icing sugar or a dab of butter cream, never made *anything* out of fondant… but hey, how hard could it be?

They also wanted it allotment themed.


Here is the epic (mainly picture based) tale of the journey of the cake.


It’s a carrot cake, with Swiss meringue butter cream. I used Ian from the Great British Bake Off’s carrot cake recipe x 2.5 quantity, and cooked it in 2 batches in a 12 x 12 inch tin and sandwiched them together.


I made a trial run of the cake – full size, and practiced the green grass stippled effect and took it into my work colleagues who very graciously devoured the whole thing 🙂


I decided to double the spice quantities (only 1.5times the cloves as they’re quite strong) because everyone loves extra flavour right?!

Together with my aunt, cousin, (now) cousin-in-law, both his parents AND my mum, we settled down on Boxing Day to make the fondant veg and flowers – it took ALL day…

My aunt later made the shed – icing a mini-fruitcake, and my cousin made the minion – the wellies were a last minute addition being made only the night before assembly!

I made the actual cake and iced it on the Tuesday before the Saturday wedding, drove it down to Kent (terrifying), assembled it on the Friday (took about 4 hours) and drove it to the wedding venue (even more terrifying) ready for the Saturday wedding.

I’m pleased to report that all went according to plan, the wedding venue AND photographer were super impressed, which left me feeling AMAZING for the whole day, and the cake was *still* moist and tasty on the Saturday night!

Congratulations Mr & Mrs B!




4 thoughts on “Flowers are happy things: Yes, I made a wedding cake!

    1. Hiya, thanks for stopping by! I was really nervous too! I’d say practice with the cake recipe itself first, ie will it be strong enough to support decorations/tiers? I made an sponge cake practice, but it went too dry too quickly! I think the main thing is to make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete it!! Looking forward to seeing yours! 🙂 I’m making my own wedding cake in June which I’m really nervous/excited about!

  1. This is just fabulous! I think it’s great. Wonderful in design and execution. Good idea to substitute carrot cake for sponge as it does keep better but also it’s a bit more robust for building on. I love the new potatoes!

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