Say cheese (or raclette) at Borough Market

I went to visit some lovely friends this weekend in London, on the Saturday morning we headed off to Borough Market, and after some much needed coffee from Monmouth we pottered around the market and took in the sights and smells, and inevitably tastes of all the goodies the market has to offer.

20151219_13471520160227_10582120160227_113235I came down to Borough Market on the last Saturday before Christmas last and it was so very busy, it was nice to have a bit more breathing space this time around, even if it mean not having the lovely Christmas decorations they put up!

One dish we tried which I was really impressed by was melted raclette on potatoes with pickles, it was SO tasty. Essentially they melt a side of raclette under a grill and then scrape off the gooey loveliness ontop of the potatoes – it was DELICIOUS, but I don’t think I could have eaten a whole plate full!

1 – Raclette melting
2 – Raclette scooping
3 – Raclette chomping


One of my friends had an artisan scotch egg with sweet potato fries which was also amazing, and I went back to basics with a Lincolnshire sausage sarnie!

I love pottering around food markets, and picking up tasty bits and pieces – I selflessly spent a while trying cured meats and grabbed Neil some Alpine chilli biltong which is going down well at home :).

Have you got any favourite food markets I should check out?

5 thoughts on “Say cheese (or raclette) at Borough Market

  1. Raclette is such a typical swiss dish for winter ❤ I love the fact that you tried it the traditional way eventhough it was far from it's country of origin ;). Keep posting some more awesome pictures of food. I now know where to go next time I visit my sister in the UK 😁

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