Narnia dress – Kim wraparound


I finished this dress off on Wednesday – I’m super proud of myself, I think its turned out really well!

I used the Kim pattern from By Hand London and I think it worked so well with the fabric which is ‘Biology border print’ by Sarah Watson, I got a bolt end from Backstitch as I fell in love with the print – I think it looks like how I imagine Narnia would look in spring!

20160303_074402I really didn’t know what to do with it at first as I had just under 1.5m but I managed to squeeze (most of) the Kim dress onto it. I had to miss out the knife pleats on the front and cut back on some of the gorgeous sweep of the front. I flipped my bodice pieces upside-down, so where they meet at the waist is actually the top of the fabric. This was a little tricky as I tried hard to avoid any upside down butterflies on the bodice…

20160303_074345In the end it took me about 2 hours to place and cut the pieces! Which is about 4x longer than usual! But I’m really please with how it turned out!


2 thoughts on “Narnia dress – Kim wraparound

  1. This dress is beautiful! I love, love, love it – it looks so mystical. Well done!
    The Kim dress has always interested me but so far I’ve only made The Elisalex dress from By Hand London. You’ve inspired me to give it a go 😀

  2. This is beyond beautiful. I’m absolutely in love with it!!
    I’ve only made the Elisalex dress from ‘By Hand London’ so far but you’ve definitely inspired me to look into Kim 😍

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