Trough of Bowland calling


We looked at the weather – rain, storms, thunder, hail. Rightoh, camping time! So off we went on Friday evening up to the Trough of Bowland – about an hour and a half drive from Manchester for a weekend break.



The campsite was pretty basic – read: no showers, hot water or washing up facilities. But it did have one spidery toilet in a lean-to by the owner’s kitchen and a tap, and only two other people staying. Hey ho, it was just for two nights and that’s what baby wipes are for, right?


The views from the campsite were lovely, rolling green hills and flocks of recently sheared (and chilling looking) sheep.


We were camping in Newton by Bowland and went for a lovely (and soggy) 8 mile circular walk stopping off in Dunsop Bridge (aka the official centre of the UK) for a well-deserved cup of coffee and bacon sandwich. There was only a few moments of going off track to avoid a field of large teenage bulls blocking our style – who says England doesn’t have apex predators? 😉


We retreated home pretty early on Sunday morning as we’d had quite a chilly and windy night, but it was lovely to get out and about.

Great list of Trough of Bowland walks for all abilities.

Say cheese (or raclette) at Borough Market

I went to visit some lovely friends this weekend in London, on the Saturday morning we headed off to Borough Market, and after some much needed coffee from Monmouth we pottered around the market and took in the sights and smells, and inevitably tastes of all the goodies the market has to offer.

20151219_13471520160227_10582120160227_113235I came down to Borough Market on the last Saturday before Christmas last and it was so very busy, it was nice to have a bit more breathing space this time around, even if it mean not having the lovely Christmas decorations they put up!

One dish we tried which I was really impressed by was melted raclette on potatoes with pickles, it was SO tasty. Essentially they melt a side of raclette under a grill and then scrape off the gooey loveliness ontop of the potatoes – it was DELICIOUS, but I don’t think I could have eaten a whole plate full!

1 – Raclette melting
2 – Raclette scooping
3 – Raclette chomping


One of my friends had an artisan scotch egg with sweet potato fries which was also amazing, and I went back to basics with a Lincolnshire sausage sarnie!

I love pottering around food markets, and picking up tasty bits and pieces – I selflessly spent a while trying cured meats and grabbed Neil some Alpine chilli biltong which is going down well at home :).

Have you got any favourite food markets I should check out?

Off glavanting

20160108_082542Apologies for the radio silence, we’ve been off gallivanting around Mexico. Getting back to the daily grind now, gradually finding our feet again.

I’ve got the photos to sort, wedding cakes to bake and a dress to hem this week for my cousin’s wedding, not to mention trying to get my own wedding invitations finished and written…

I’ll get there… while I do, here is a holiday snap from Chichen Itza for you to enjoy.

Wet, wild and wintery weekend

I’ve had a lovely weekend! I had a wonderful friend come and stay, we brunched, drank coffee, explored, got very rained on and generally had an awsome time! Saturday evening was pretty Blue Peter with crafting and sewing, and Sunday I persuaded everyone it would be nice *really* to go to Lyme Park for a walk in the rain!

I had a fair amount of work to do this weekend but it all worked out well and was rounded off with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in preparation for the big day on Thursday!! Have you got tickets?







Winter wonderland – Tatton Park

 We had so much stuff to sort out this weekend, with exams for both of us this week, a holiday to Mexico at the end of the month, a dress to wear for my cousins wedding to make we were really busy.

But not too busy to have a wander around outside. I really wanted to go for a walk, and get away from the city for a couple of hours – at the moment my office has no windows and it’s dark when I leave for and come back from work so I REALLY miss the daylight.

I thought it would be fun to go and have a walk around the lake at Tatton Park, and it was lovely. I took my camera with me and had a play with all the amazing textures around. We even saw some deer running around – I like to pretend they’re small reindeer 😀

Did you do anything fun at the weekend?


Strudel and sparkles


I’ve got an exam tomorrow *eek* so in preparation I was very good and spent lots of the weekend revising 😊

But there’s a limit of how many marketing frameworks, plans and strategies you really want to see in one day!! So on Sunday one of my friends from Leeds came over and had a lovely day.


We reviewed the wedding invite drafts – you guys will get to see them after I’ve sent them out (can’t have the surprise ruined for everyone – though they are pretty cool if I do say so myself!).

We had a look through my sewing stash as my friend is getting a sewing machine for Christmas so I gave her a break down of the essentials – another one converts to the handmade wardrobe!!


In the evening we went to Abakhan sewing shop in the Northern Quarter so my friend could pick up some essentials and some lovely floral fabric to make her first top! A Colette Sorbetto with contrasting binding 😄.  We then had a wander around the lovely Christmas markets and a healthy portion of apple strudle and custard.

The market was quite busy as it was Sunday evening (and the first day of advent which makes Christmas carols acceptable!) but we had a nice time wandering around and taking in the atmosphere.  Every year the markets seem to get bigger spreading from Albert Square to St Anne’s with lots of lovely grottos and mulled wine sellers en route.

Hopefully going to make a start on my dress for my cousin’s wedding next week once I get this exam behind me and then the real Christmas fun can start!


Brixton village and beef noodle soup


This weekend I visited some friends who’ve recently moved to London, it was a lovely weekend of catching up and most importantly lots of food!

I don’t visit London that much these days – mostly our weekends are spent visiting family or exploring the surrounding area on our bikes but sometimes it’s nice to spend time in the big(ger) city – let’s not forget about Manchester 😉

We were staying near Brixton, so as the weather wasn’t much fun for doing a prolonged outdoor activity we decided to have a look around Brixton markets. We looked around the food stalls and found some great looking discount fabric shops – though as there were four of us I didn’t want to drag them round looking at the fabric!!


We ended up in the Brixton Village –  (and a good thing too as it was pouring with rain by this point and there was a bitter wind so it was good to be inside!). The market was lovely, though the juxtaposition of the original fruit and veg shops next to hipster cafes for all your avacado and gluten free toast needs was a little strange. Made me think about the original residents being priced out of their own neighbourhood and the increasing gentrification of London districts.




But as a product of this gentrification there were some lovely little cafes as well as a Peruvian butcher, Latvian fishmonger and Colombian breakfast shop amongst many others!! We stopped off at Mama Lan for lunch, which describes itself as Beijing street food. We ordered some beef noodle soup, a chilli tofu and mushroom noodle soup, and some prawn and pork dumplings.


The wait wasn’t too long and the veg broth was very tasty, and the garnishes were nice – I tried some of the beef noodle soup and thought the broth was a bit too strong, and sadly our dumplings didn’t come with any dipping sauce. It was a pleasant meal and certainly did the all important job of warming us up after a chilly morning exploring the area, but in my mind there is still no better noodle soup than phô!